Victims Of Suspected Random Shooting At A School In Baltimore County Have Names That Begin With S

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Four students were shot and killed in an apparent random shooting at an elementary school in Baltimore County, Maryland early Saturday morning and all four had names that began with a “s”.

For those calling this a triple homicide just talk to local media – Jane Stevenson reporting for WJZ

The names of the four people who were killed early Saturday morning at a Baltimore County elementary school are as follows: Makayla Grote, eight years old; Jonathan Grote, ten years old; Rachel Zuvers, 11 years old; and Nicholas Hollingsworth, 17 years old. Two of the four names were spelled with a double S – Nicole Grote and Walter Skowronski. Nicholas Hollingsworth had an “o” in his last name.

Kate Michelman reporting for WJZ on who is behind the shootings and what motive there is.

A 33-year-old man has been charged in the shooting that left four children and a man dead at a Baltimore County elementary school, authorities said.

Baltimore County Police Chief Jim Johnson said Jonathan Grote was the father of all four people, including the man who authorities say shot the students.

Mark Segraves reporting for WJZ on reaction from Baltimore County Councilman Todd Huff.

The violence was stopped short – authorities say the male suspect said he “had to do it” and was seeking revenge against a relative.

President Trump tweeted this early morning about the shootings:

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