Actress Alexis Flowers: ‘I’m just trying to be my authentic self’

Written by By Madeline Womack, CNN

Multi-talented, breakdancer, artist, self-proclaimed feminist: No one could possibly fault Alexis Flowers’ past achievements.

However, that might be changing with her latest endeavor — namely her role as lead in the critically acclaimed play “Hurry Sundown,” currently playing at the Victory Gardens in Chicago, Illinois.

“I’m really excited,” says the 18-year-old beauty, perched on a bench on the show’s private balcony. “It’s been going really well. I hope people love it.”

A profile in the New York Times got Flowers the attention of “Burn Side” co-creator Paul Hunter, who introduced the teen to Houston, Texas-based Zyg Baldwin. Together, they created a two-woman show, inspired by “Hurry Sundown,” about a teenage lesbian.

Much of the play is performed in a Virginia farmhouse that pre-fabricated in the middle of nowhere. Shot, the play is scored with a live recording of the couple’s relationship over the past year, during which time Flowers is helping to record.

Salvation for Alexis Flowers. Credit: Lisa Lauren

“Hurry Sundown” stars Cohen Noumas and Alexandria Leggett, the first same-sex couple the team has written, produced and directed together.

In the play, the couple move in together after a one-night stand when they were both 17. They have been a couple ever since.

“It is very real to me,” says Koura’s cousin, Jordan Hoechlin. He was on a family trip to Uganda last week to support her journey.

“She’s one of the most perceptive, perceptive people I’ve ever met in my life. She has a very close group of friends.”

The news that another young woman is making a mark in the entertainment industry is encouraging, but perhaps just a little out of character for her. “I don’t know if that stuff’s a phenomenon yet,” says Koura. “I feel like I’m just trying to be my authentic self and trying to have the experiences and grow up.”

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