Alec Baldwin on gun violence: ‘I’ve broken down several times’

Written by E.L. esq., Getty Images for Cinered

Alec Baldwin made his first public appearance in New York on Friday, three days after the shooting on the set of his new film “The Death of Stalin.”

The former “30 Rock” star revealed he’s going through a particularly trying time and has been personally affected by the gun violence.

Baldwin, who will portray Russian dictator Josef Stalin in the film, told Cinered that he’s broken down several times since the shooting in Florida, which he said occurred without warning and was intended to send a message.

“I’ve broken down several times this week after hearing stories about the shootings and how it could have been avoided and how it has been very hard,” he said. “I’ve had moments in my life where you’re really angry and I have been really angry and I want to be part of the solution. Not part of the problem.”

Baldwin said he is lucky to have escaped with his life after the “shock” of being involved in the shooting.

“It’s not an easy business for me. I’ve made all kinds of mistakes and dealt with a lot of emotion,” he said. “It just all tore up at once. That’s why I get the shakes. I thought the cast and crew would be in the same situation. I kept thinking about those guys on the other side of the camera and the people on stage or behind the scenes.”

Production on “The Death of Stalin” is still suspended, but Baldwin said he has been receiving contact from the film’s fans online, all of whom are united in their support.

“I get messages from everyday people that said they were both film fans and anti-gun, and that they’re pulling for us,” he said. “We’re doing well. There’s no doubt in my mind that the film is still going to get made and be great.”

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