Author Clarifies the Spice Girls “Cookbook” Recipe

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Cookbook authors are asking a question on their social media accounts with responses ranging from “I see what they did” to “Uh-oh…”

Claire McCrae wrote the book, The Spice Girls Cookbook and the Flavor Exchange website thanks to the All-Girl Reunion tour she was a part of, so naturally fans have been baking recipes inspired by the ’90s super group – The Spice Girls.

The only problem is that Claire had very little say in the recipes or how they were put together in The Spice Girls Cookbook.

So when a reader sent Claire a copy of one of the authors take on a recipe, she wrote her a response and set the record straight.

“I think that a recipe should be attributed to the writer. I know that’s something that most people would say, but because one person decided to use my book and also didn’t compensate me for it… and then proceeded to make a book from it, which is not my book, was just a really sad thing to happen, and the details of that are amazing,” McCrae explained.

Claire shared the email exchange with The Spice Girls Chocolate Cake recipe on her Instagram, telling followers who hadn’t already guessed it out by that the chef thought he had brought to their attention that Claire owns the recipe and is the author.

“I want to clear up something: Claire McCrae owns the recipe. I didn’t,” wrote the writer, the common moniker of writing published in U.K.

The “culinary version of sippy cup” will be released Tuesday.

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