Man attempts to ignite fallen roof flues to save firefighters

Editor’s Note — Based on your comments, we have altered this article to clarify that the pub is a former cavalry camp for horses used in military maneuvers and fire training

(CNN) — It’s a burning problem.

More than 200 tons of roof and chimney flues in the U.K. city of Glasgow have become trapped by snow and ice — and they keep falling down.

A fire has been started in one building in protest.

Some 300 fire trucks have been responding to the accident and rescue calls, but some have not been able to reach the roof of a derelict church building.

Some of the stranded flues are found in old army and Royal Tank Army camps and even cellars at a Scottish hot springs.

Glasgow’s Fire and Rescue Service says to clear the flues, some have to be “saved from the jaws of death.”

“Now and again they’ll fall 10 meters and we will have to literally go in and back them away from the gas lines in the ground below them,” explained Steve McIntosh, Operations Manager for Glasgow Fire and Rescue.

There are fears the roof of the building, the former Mollie Macguire Hall, will collapse, reducing rescue operations to ashes.

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