Branding: Adidas could sue me for linking my clothing to its retro logo

The label wouldn’t tolerate the comparison. The name could only be changed with a court order

Who made the Gucci jigsaw puzzle?

Nike! The ongoing litigation between Gucci and its American nemesis is not due to shake out in court until 2020, but we’re already being told how it might play out. Amid much legal mumbo jumbo, we have been told that Gucci wants to trademark the image of its logo, which is not the same logo its shoes are made out of.

There are also a series of complicated clauses relating to commerce and intellectual property that mean “a control order will be issued in this case. The use of ‘Gucci’ as a single general term which has the propensity to bring about confusion as to the affiliation, affiliation, origin or ownership of Gucci, its parent company, its products, its trademarks, the activities of such owner or owner’s (or its subsidiary’s) business, or the role of such parent or such subsidiary in the design, distribution or sale of such products.”

It takes a lot of money to show up to court, so how about this?

“The Gucci board would be very displeased if they find themselves in a situation where they needed to spend millions of euros to prove the wrongness of their assertion.”

So they’d find this out from the courts?

“Yes. Unless the court authorises the use of the logo as the basis for making a small change to the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle, the Gucci jigsaw puzzle should not be changed.”

So they wouldn’t go for a new name?

“Not if they’ve got money.”

C’mon, whoever wrote this, you’re not giving them the credit they deserve.

“The Gucci board does not get a lot of credit, but they do deserve a lot of credit.”

Are you sure? That’s not a sentence you’d write on Twitter.

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