Here’s Who’s Working From Home

In Australia last year, one Australian woman raised the idea that everyone could work from home. Her idea spread from Tasmania to Victoria. Who could have predicted just how popular it would be.

Here in the States, people are already using it. So… this is who’s doing it. And how did they do it.

Did you get anything for free? So many people, one asks. Oh yes, many responded, they got everything for free.

One woman who joined this particular experiment in 2016 said, “I was doing my work and you talk about exercise. I started running 30 minutes a day and it wasn’t about dying a quick death; it was about being able to push myself to give my best that day.”

These are their stories, after which you can read more about this woman who wanted to get everyone more time to focus on their work…

ROYAL OAK, MI, 07.13.2017, 2:44:56 AM EDTThis has been the best part. I’ve gotten to focus on the stuff I like to do. I like to do grunt work when I get a chance. Just the lactic acid, the muscles pulling the wool over your eyes, and the knowing I’ve just gotten through another three to four-hour day.


Amelia Michel, ROYAL OAK, MI

For me, this is all about me. I really love to work hard. I never thought I could. Then I found out that if I really push myself, I could do something I’ve always dreamt of doing. I look forward to doing something different in life… and with your help, I’ve found a way to do that.

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