Kimber Lynn Schneider, Founder of Best Ballroom Dance School And Bein’ Biscay

After a month of testing, we get to name the 2017 Best Dance of the year!

At Best Ballroom, we test the skills of our aspiring dancers to determine the nation’s best disco, hip-hop, ballroom and swing dance moves. Each studio is given 50 judges from around the country to evaluate each individual dance move with a point scale of 5 to 5-2, up to a max of 15 points. We invite celebrities from the Guinness Book of World Records and celebrities of all styles to join the judges as we also allow other former winners to judge the contest.

If you are a budding ballroom dancer and want to take it to the next level, Best Ballroom invites you to try out this year. For much more information, visit

There are plenty of young dancers that are doing very well in these dance competitions right now. We encourage you to get your life off the bench and get out there and dance! The possibilities for your future are limitless!

Special thanks to dance champions Ballroom Grazzie and Kimber Lynn Schneider.

Kimber Lynn Schneider is the founder of Dancers Dance School in Peekskill, NY. Ballroom Grazzie provides expert dance instruction through a range of programs.



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