Prince Andrew trial: ‘Policeman couldn’t find my dad’

1.30pm GMT

The alleged victim, now known as Miss G, has taken the stand. She was brought up by her grandmother in the Pacific Northwest in Washington state and she was 14 when she first met the prince and flew to London.

She was introduced to Prince Andrew at Harrods by her grandmother. The Prince Andrew was with his parents, Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. Prince Andrew was giving Miss G a tour of Harrods at the time and apparently tipped off Page 1 photographers that she was “something special”.

Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell at Harrods in 1992. Photograph: Virgin Atlantic/Rex

She said her grandmother used to meet the princess, then married to Peter Parker. That was another interest that they had in common.

When her grandmother found out she had become friends with the princess, she introduced her to the prince and his family.

She met Ghislaine Maxwell, father of Prince Andrew, on that visit to London.

Over time she developed a friendship with Ghislaine Maxwell. She has been dating her for more than 20 years.

But she would never see Prince Andrew again. The Prince Andrew was always in some VIP capacity.

She met President Trump through her relationships with Trump and Ghislaine Maxwell. The President Trump knew Ghislaine Maxwell through various of her connections.

When Trump brought her to New York for a party she told the court she was living with her father and Ghislaine Maxwell. She first met President Trump in June 2016 when Ghislaine’s relationship with the Trump began to unravel. They met in May when Miss G was given a job at his daughter’s company.

The President Trump would have seen her at the court for a ceremonial ceremony at the end of his State of the Union speech. The jury have been sent home and will return in January.

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