Sponsor Content: Joining the LPGA is just one part of Lee’s plans

It’s a tough one.

And someone hasn’t told me that yet!

As much as I want to spend a week with my friends and family and embrace the new fresh face that this game brings me, I have to really balance myself and give myself the best chance.

I certainly want to be here at the Saudi Ladies International this weekend, but I have to look at what is best for my game and my ambitions.

It is clear that we are not going to get 100% agreement so that’s just the way it goes. It’s not always easy, but it works out for the best.

I’m excited about it, but I have to be realistic about my long-term goal of playing on the LPGA in the year 2022.

I’m still only 23 and that’s only going to be two years away yet, so I need to be clear that I need to be playing golf that year if I want to be competitive and make it to the top.

That’s something that I need to take into consideration as I keep signing up to tournaments that don’t come up, which I want to continue in the future.

I want to go places that I haven’t been before so I want to be playing golf at the best possible level in the year 2022.

I want to get my ranking up to 500 in the world and I want to play at the Tour Championships in America.

I know the things that need to be done to achieve these things, but I need to keep focusing on the longer-term picture as long as I can.

Minjee Lee’s professional career 15 Oct 1992: Born Auckland, New Zealand 18 Sep 2006: Begins CCS15 season at Dunlop Phoenix Masters 5 Oct 2007: Travels to America to play in the President’s Cup at The Country Club Miami 10 Nov 2007: Finishes tied-second at CCS 13 Nov 2007: First LPGA victory at the CVS Charity Classic 13 December 2007: Qualifies for the 2008 Solheim Cup 18 October 2008: Finishes tied-6th at the 2008 Solheim Cup 16 July 2009: Co-captains the victorious 2010 Solheim Cup Team 26 July 2010: Finishes tied-3rd at the 2010 Solheim Cup

I have to continue to play golf where I feel I have the best chance to win and those are all things that I have to keep working towards.

That’s why I am here this week. It’s an LPGA-sanctioned event and we have a chance to win money, put myself in the top 250 in the world and possibly get myself into the next event in Asia.

That’s a lot more important to me than maybe a few more good memories of playing here with my friends and family.

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