This is the best way to make any display last

Wherever you are in the world, always choose only one plant to decorate with this winter. That’s a tip I’ve learned to save you and everyone else a lot of time.

Instead of picking two plants, look for one plant that encompasses the entire theme, says Conal McRae of urban garden startup Urban Gardener. “I’ve found that a nice plant usually has three elements in it to make the overall decoration standout,” he says.

Greens do well for a centerpiece, as do flowers that you can potted right in the center of your focal plant. But don’t stop there: Add other seasonal pieces around the foliage to really bring your display alive. Tissue paper, or twigs or twigs attached to tin cans, are some inexpensive decorations you can make at home. And it doesn’t hurt to go outside as well.

Plants alone can be seasonal, but this year, make it a point to find a plant you can actually grow or have support with plants with less vigorous stems, says Laura Fletcher, co-owner of Philly-based urban gardening company Beyond the Invertebrates. If you’re concerned about what might happen to your plants, remember you can move your festive decoration to a more warm and dry place if it gets chilly.

Never forget to grow anything, even a small plant that stays alive to your garden hose, especially as the holiday season transitions into the colder months. This year’s Botanical Plant of the Year is a twist on another easy standby.

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