Trump travels to Paris, Brussels and Paris and Canada for his ‘largest diplomatic gathering’

President Trump left for the first leg of his trip to Europe on Friday evening. On Saturday he headed to Saudi Arabia and on Sunday he attended the G7 summit in Canada. While in the West Wing, Trump’s guests sat around on couches for their meetings and Trump had dinner with leaders of the G7 who visited him after their summits, one, according to CNN, including French President Emmanuel Macron. Trump did not have dinner with Trudeau but rather with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, from whom he received an award for being among Africa’s most powerful leaders.

Europe will continue to show off its power and wealth but Washington will spend more time focused on economy and trade policy in Europe. On Friday afternoon Trump and the world leaders will move from the NATO summit into the G7 at the conference center in Taormina, Italy.

Ahead of the G7 Trump left Washington for Washington, D.C. to attend the National Prayer Breakfast, an annual event at the Washington Hilton Hotel where the leader’s gather to pray before laying out ideas on issues including fighting global issues. Trump delivered a politically inflammatory speech before the crowd full of attendees and congressional members of Congress.

Trump said he hoped the holiday season would bring “peace and goodwill.”

In his speech he expressed hope for “peace and goodwill” at the annual Christmas Prayer Breakfast on Friday.

In addition to the speeches, the meeting will discuss bilateral trade issues.

Trump will travel to Joint Base Andrews to go to Andrews Air Force Base from Andrews Air Force Base where the Trumps will travel to Paris. Trump arrives in Paris on Saturday and will have meetings with French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday in the White House’s Treaty Room. On Sunday Trump also plans to visit Chantilly, France for a meeting on the agenda for today is to address the summit on the Islamic State’s recent siege of a town in Syria.

On Saturday Trump will host the United Arab Emirates in a state dinner at the White House and on Sunday Trump and the president of France will host the NATO Summit at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

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