I’m a virtual widower – how I cope with the ageing process

There’s a myth that getting older is when you have to stop the fun.

This is quite old and old and never actually comes true. Many of my clients in their fifties, sixties and seventies appear to still be as young as they were when they got married. There’s a real sense of “getting on with the life I’ve chosen”.

There is a myth that having children in your fifties or sixties means you should move into care – no… not at all!

As the arguments around caring for the elderly, and the pressure of financial insecurity in older age, becomes far more frequent, it seems this myth is making a comeback in Italy.

It was once an accepted truth that when your life gets involved with children, you have to move into state care and retire.

I see it again and again. The women will tell me: “My husband died of a heart attack, just when we had our kids… I’m almost 60 now… I’m retired and I’ve been living alone for a number of years…”

I believe that living on your own and being financially independent in your late fifties or sixties makes you much more vibrant and vital than if you had children and moved into state care…

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