Will and Jada Smith – Golden Globes press room


Is it OK to welcome Will and Jada Smith in every celebrity interview, with mere platitudes about their work?

Recently the Smiths have become the talk of the Golden Globes press room and have done regular interviews in the US, with various levels of releasecoverage. So let’s find out what you, the fans, think!

Well, apparently we live in a utopia where there’s a human being known simply as Jada. We’ve never known a press room better than the E! News Hollywood reporter experience. We have watch her happily, joyfully, spellbindingly explain her Lumière glasses, her love of eating red velvet cake and how she loves ‘Beauty and the Beast’. We have watched her and Will Smith pull on matching T-shirts while taking photographs and get their fingers into their mouth and smile with great relish. We have watched the E! press room memes. We have watched Jada Smith turn into a giant cloud and Will Smith as a gif. We have not disagreed with a single reporter’s question. We have never disagreed with Will and Jada’s usages of the phrases ‘breath of fresh air’ and ‘hasn’t he grown!’ We have not disagreed with the use of twerking GIFs. We have never criticised or asked questions like:

You’ll need some help picking out some of the best GIFs from Jada Smith’s press room interviews. pic.twitter.com/ZXXpkF1vyR — Evan Fisher (@evanfisherfan) November 26, 2017

You can still join the campaign for Jada Smith not to be interviewed in the press room this year!

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