LeBron James clears NBA, PHA to play in basketball league

LeBron James cleared “every single person involved” with his new international professional basketball league to continue playing under the league’s professional health and safety (PUHSE) protocols and obligations.

James unveiled his new court, The Baskets in Washington D.C., on Wednesday along with good friend Chris Paul and New York Knicks star Kristaps Porzingis, who will be one of the league’s 12 players. The NBA now says it is in communication with James and the PHA with regard to potential player and staff adhering to the health and safety requirements outlined in the agreement and protocol for professional basketball games.

The NBA and the PHA have made a comprehensive medical and player protection plan available for James, his staff and players that will be based on best practices and non-competitive medical testing protocols. These proposals are being crafted and evaluated by PHA and the NBA. Once the framework of those measures is established, PHA and the NBA will communicate the specific steps and protocols for implementation.

Last week, James said he was violating “doctor’s orders” by trying to play in the inaugural season of the NBA D-League. The league says James tested negative for more than half the drugs he said he had.

The league said its own test did not show the presence of cocaine or marijuana.

James said earlier this year he would still be involved with the fledgling NBA International Basketball League, which begins its inaugural season on Dec. 14. The league is now referred to as The International Basketball League and will include teams from Spain, China, Mexico, Senegal, Argentina, Venezuela, Greece, and Australia.

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